Use Free Netflix Account in India and Download for Offline View

Netflix India: In this article you will learn how to get Netflix account in India free of cost for a month and how to download TV shows, Movies, Netflix Originals for offline view.

Creating Netflix account in other countries is very simple since they get many payment options like iTunes gift card, PayPal, etc but in India only Credit / Debit card is the only way.
So here we are creating a detailed article on how to easily create Netflix account and get one month free trial. Moreover you will be able to download shows and movies to watch them later without Internet.
Netflix available in India from a long time now but creating account is limited for the ones who have credit card or a debit card with International transaction facility. So due to this Netflix is not much popular in India but outside India there is trend called Netflix & Chill :P XD
Initially Netflix was always opposed for download feature and tried to move away from this conversation but they literally surprised there millions of premium & on trial members.
Now you don’t have to sit and watch the complete movie or shows as long as you have Internet access. Now you can simply press Download button and after downloading watch anytime & anywhere you want without Internet connection.
So here comes the main part that is, step by step instructions on how to create Netflix account in India easily and get 1 month free trial to watch & download TV Shows, Movies, Netflix Originals, etc.

    How to Subscribe & Create Netflix Account in India

  1. Click Here to open Netflix India.
  2. Now click on JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH.
  3. Out of 3 you have to choose the plan which you will like to try.
  4. Now do Sign Up to start your free month.
  5. Finally comes the part of attaching a payment mode like Credit Card.

Netflix India Subscription Rates

Netflix India Cost starts from Rs. 500 per month with initial One Month Free trial on each and every plan. Below you can see there are 3 plans namely Basic, Standard and Premium.
Netflix India Subscription Rates
Netflix India Price
How many Payment Modes in Netflix?
If you are in India you will only get Credit Card option in Netflix India website but for Netflix Mobile App you will also get Google Play Payment mode.
There is one more way that is Paypal Payment Mode which you can easily get by using any US proxy (Zenmate Chrome Extension).
Now what are Banks which supports Paypal and Google Play? Below is the image from iSaumya website where the guy explained in detail which helps to create Paypal account in India.
India Paypal Google Play Supported Banks

So if you have any of the Bank’s account then you are good to go ahead.

Now add your Credit or Debit card to Paypal or Google Play account and fill that in Netflix subscription page.

NOTE: You will be charged Rs. 60 – Rs. 70 which will be returned within a day back to your account. This is to check whether you are actually using a valid account and not using any fake credit card details for Netflix.

You’ll get your account instantly and you can start the journey of exploring TV shows, movies and exclusive Netflix Originals.

How to Download Netflix Videos for Offline View?:-

Before you gets confused with any Netflix Video Downloader or Recording stuff let me tell you that that is not the case here.

On 30th November, Netflix officially announced this download feature for there mobile app users.

#1 First of all you need to Download Latest Netflix Mobile App Apk.

Can You Watch Netflix Without WiFi

#2 Login to your Netflix account.Download Netflix Movies to iPad & Android

#3 Open any show and you will find a little Download button next to every show or movie.

Can You Download Netflix Movies to Watch Later

    How to Cancel Netflix Subscription?

  1. Open Netflix website or Mobile App.
  2. Go to Your Account.
  3. Under Plan Details click on Cancel streaming plan.
Terms & Conditions About Limit:
  • The amount of time you can view a show depends on respective licenses and can vary by shows or movies.
  • You will get a display about how much time you have left in the “My Downloads” page of the Netflix app.
  • For some movies or shows, viewing offline must be completed within 48 hours of starting the play.
  • Once you have started playing, you will see how many hours you have left before the title expires on the “My Downloads” page.
I hope you liked the above article on how to subscribe Netflix in India and trick to download Netflix movies & shows for offline view without having WiFi.

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