Airtel 3g/4g free internet trick with vpn February-2017

Hello friends, I am back with a new VPN based free internet trick for airtel users. I know that in my previous airtel free 3g internet trick based on a proxy , have many limitations. But now I am solving this problem now. Today I am giving you free airtel 3g internet with VPN –  February 2017. this free airtel internet data trick is 100 % working in many states. now fully working without any speed capping in  February 2017 and hope that work on  February 2017 also. I have personally tested this free airtel 3g internet data. I am posted the airtel latest working vpn config files openly. so you can download this config files without completing any surveys.with this airtel free 3g internet trick you can enjoy unlimited free 3g data on your airtel sim.

Airtel 3g/4g free internet trick with vpn February-2017 :-

Download  Vpn Handler In Your android mobile
Now install it manually and open this.
In handler menu use settings as below : 

  • Remove Port : Enable 
  • Proxy Type : Host 
  • Proxy Server :

 Select real proxy type as Direct and save handler menu settings.
Now Tunnel Whole Device Mode for use free internet in whole device.
Finally click on U button for connect internet. 

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