Vodafone Free Hammer Vpn Trick 2017

Hello friends, i am back with a new Vodafone free 3g internet trick. Here now I am describing an another Vodafone free internet data trick working. This trick is based on Hammer vpn.
I know that without internet data your mobile/pc is nothing. Now internet has a very important role in our daily life. but in India the internet data packs are very costly and it is not possible to recharge daily with internet offers. When comes to vodafone side, we know that they are one of the largest network operator in India. But vodafone not provides much affordable internet data plans for budget users. But guys here tricks11.com provides you some tricks to get free internet on your vodafone sim.
let’s go to latest Vodafone free   internet using vpn trick – 2017

Vodafone Free Hammer Vpn Trick Features:

  • Working on 0 Balance,
  • No sim blocking and speed capping issues.
  • No disconnection issues in downloading.

How To Use Hammer Vpn For Vodafone :

  • First of all Download ,install and open Hammer VPN Latest on your phone.
  • Now open Hammer VPN and then select server Godzilla 2.
  • Choose Protocol As TCP And Put in Rport – 443 and put Lport – 0.
  • Then Open Advanced Settings & Fill in DNS Server –
  • Use Proxy As – (or) & port –3128
  • Fill in headers –Host:
  • Now Save all Settings And Connect Hammer Vpn.
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