How to hide your mobile Data in android without any app

Android mobiles are very popular now a days.And in android many apps and games are available on google play store. We save many personnel  images and video on android phones. But we want to hide these images and videos and other files which you want to hide from other peoples. For this task many apps are available on google play store but these may be not secure and may be your data will be corrupted or deleted by using these apps. And these apps also use your mobile phone memory to run and this will slow down the performance of your android mobile.

Today we come with new trick to save your data on your android mobile without any app just doing by simple steps given below

How to hide your mobile stuff in android without any app:-

You can save your stuff by doing given below steps

Step to hide folder in android mobile:-

  • Firstly open smart phone menu and goto file manager
  • Then you see two option 1).INTERNAL MEMORY 2) MEMORY CARD
  • Then select any one of them where you want

  • Then this shows your all files folders
  • Then create a new folder  by pressing  three dots upper left side or anywhere in your mobile 
  • Then give a name starts with a dot (.) before giving the name of folder 
  • And then save .After clicking on save your folder will be hide automatically  
  • and if you want to show this folder goto your file manager setting and click on to show hidden files and folders

How to Save your data  in your hidden folder:-

To save the data in this folder you just follow given steps
  • Firstly go to where the folder is created 
  • Then to see the folder click on three dots on right side 
  • Then click on show hidden files and folder 
  • Now your folder will appears 
  • Now if you want again hide your folder the unchek the option of hide file and folder and your folder again go to hide 

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