Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once

Hi friends you have liked many facebook pages on facebook and want to like new facebook page and your pacebook like page limit is exceded Facebook will notify you that is you want to like a new Facebook page then you have to unlike some of your liked Facebook pages to make some room for new page. Now the real problem starts, that you want to unlike some Facebook Pages. It is easy to do but what if you want to unlike all Facebook Pages.That becomes a tedious task and require more time and energy, Right? Here we have one solution for you. Follow the steps given in this article to unlike all Facebook pages at once for all. For this you have to use Google Chrome Browser compulsorily.

Steps to Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once:-

Step 1: Go to Chrome Store from here. Install the Facebook Social Toolkit extension.
Facebook social toolkit extension for chrome
Step 2: Log in to your Facebook profile and click navigate to Create a new Page.

Step 3: Click on the button named as Pages I Like.

Step 4: Click on the Facebook Social Toolkit extension and select Free Removal Tool tab.
Step 5: Now click on the Unlike all Facebook Pages At Once. 
Facebook social toolkit extension window
Step 6: That’s all. It will start, un liking all Facebook pages automatically.
That's all friends you do this job.now you unlike all the pages at once 
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