Learn About Computer Hardware

 Learn About Computer Hardware

In computer, hardware is simple.In this lesson we are studying about computer hardware.Just read about all hardware here 


Computer’s brain is cpu. Do you see inside of cpu? Don’t worry, it is simple. There were only simple items.

SMPS (switched mode power supply)

SMPS is the power supplier of cpu. In starting cpu, smps is supply power in wanted places.


In the all item inside of cpu are fixed into our computer –motherboard.
The motherboard is mainly separated into two – AT and ATX.
AT board is old technology, ATX is the new technology board. And the new computers are with ATX board.
In AT board we connect all drivers and HARDDISK and USB etc.… with IDE cable.
But ATX board all connected with SATA cables.


Computer brain is CPU in, CPU’s brain is processer. You open the CPU there you no see processer, but you see a fan in the board, yes open the fan and watch the processer.
In processers are updating in monthly by INTEL corporation.
Intel new PROCESSER family is intel I core processers it is 2nd generation processers. It is better more………..


Ram is the primary memory of computer. The ram coming  various capacity’s                               ex – 1gb,2gb,4gb etc…………
In AT board using SDRAM.  The  ATX  board using DDRRAM’s . DDR RAM coming in various types ex – DDR1, DDR2, DDR3. Latest is DDR3 Ram.

Hard disk

Hard disk is the secondary memory of computer. The OS and other our files are storing in Hard disk. Hard disk also coming various capacity’s ex – 40gb,80gb,160gb,320gb,500gb etc…………

CD Rom

CD Rom is using for browse CD. It is coming writable and non-writable. Writable CD Rom is using for writing and reading. But non writable is use only for reading.


Our mother board and all drives extras are fitting in to our CPU cabinet.  The cabinet is using to fixing this items. AT mother board use AT cabinet and ATX mother board use ATX cabinet. Also coming various funny cabinets.


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