how to find lost iPhone 2017

 iphone के लिए चित्र परिणाम

your iPhone lost ! Don't worry here is the solution:-

Friends if you lost your iPhone then don't worry friends today we come with a solution that how you easily find your lost iPhone .You just find your iPhone with simple given steps just follow these below steps.

Make these settings to find your iPhone:-

  •  First of all goto your iPhone mobile settings
  • Then click on iCloud 
  • There click on “Find my iPhone”  and stsrt this
  • Then go back and goto privacyy settings 
  • then swtch on the  “Location services”

Another  effective method to find your iPhone is that if you lost your iPhone somewhere then use “Find my iPhone” app from your friend iPhone or goto and choose “Find my iPhone” 
after login to iCloud Goto the gadget which is showing on screen and choose “Find my iPhone”  this will show the last location of your lost iPhone and you can block your iPhone as well as delete all the data from your iPhone.This will ensure you that your personal information will never leak to anyone 

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