How to change icon of your android mobile

How to change icon of your android mobile:-

Well, we are not talking about batteries here, we are talking about the saved icon on the home screen of our Android phone. Whenever an app is installed in the Android device, a shortcut is created on the home screen of the phone, on which the default name is given.
Today, we are going to tell you a similar trick that will help you to rename the Save icon by default by default on the screen of your Android phone.

Steps to change icon of your android mobile:-

  • For this you need to first install an app named Quick Shortcake Maker in your Android phone. You will find this easily in the Google Play store.
  • After installing the app, launch it in the phone. After this, you will see a list of apps installed in this Android phone.
  • Now you have to tap on the name of the app you want to change. After this you will see all the information about the app on the screen, in which the name of an option icon will have to be changed.
  • Now there will be a popup on your screen, you have to fill the name that you want to set. Then tap OK.
  • Now you will see a Create option, in which you will be able to create an app shortcut. After this you will need to set up the app to display the app.

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