How To Setup GoDaddy Domain Name To Blogger-2017

Hai Guys welcome to our website, GoDaddy is one of the biggest Domain name registrar.some days ago we posted about that how to setup bigrock domain name to blogger In This Post we will Teach You that  How To Setup GoDaddy Domain Name To Blogger.then you can post via blogger on your website and run your website very smoothly

Steps To Setup GoDaddy Domain Name To Blogger-2017:-

  1. Blogger setting#:- Open your Blogger account >> Then go to  blog settings 
  2. now Into Blog Address box click on Add Custom Domain and then Type your domain name

  3. Then it will show error for verification just note down details or otherwise leave that tab open and follow below Part 2 in new browser tab.
GODaddy Setting:-  
  • log in your Godaddy account then select your domain open Settings tab and Then Switch to DNS settings. 

  • In DNS Zone now click on Edit button and click on add records:- 
  • Click on the Quick edit button of A record and then add these below four Addresses and save them 
  • Now in Cname click on quick edit button. 
  • Add 1st record here you have to add www in Host and in Point to Add 
  • Then Add 2nd Record from blogger which you already opened and save this
  • After save above cName records then come back your blogger account and Open settings and again add your custom domain and click on Save button. now wait for 10-15 minutes and your website will works

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