Indian GPS is coming soon

In the coming time, you will not need Google Maps. Because soon the Navic name is coming in the GPS market. Ahmedabad-based space application center is making the country's GPS in the name of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System Navic. This GPS will start till 2018. This GPS currently running in testing will work to show people the way. Navic means 'navigator' and navigator. PM Modi named it after IRNSS-1G launch. This GPS will provide accurate data for any location anywhere in the country.

India will cover

Let us know that the US GPS is equipped with 24 satellites and its access is almost in the whole world. At the same time, the Indian Navic 7 will be equipped with satellite and will cover only India. It is being said that even though this indigenous system is less accessible, but more accurate than the American GPS. It will be able to tell the correct position along with 5 meter acupressure.
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India will have its own GPS 

After Navic, India will be on the list of countries in the world who have their own GPS system. While Russia has its own GLONASS, the European Union has the Galileo GPS system. Besides this, China is also going to develop its native GPS system.

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