This phone will come with battery backup of 51 days

Hello friends we everyone have a mobile phone and we daily charge our mobile because they have one day,two day or three days battery backup But today the phone we are talking about gives standby time not for a week or two but for 51 days. That is about 2 months old

This phone is of a very low price, its price is only Rs. 1490. In this low price you can get this bang phone. This phone can be boon for those who travel more. Now suppose that you are traveling on several days, so in this case, this phone will give you a backup of more than a month without extra charge.It is just that the hassle of charging is over.

Full specifications of JIVI sumo T 3000:-

Live mobile:-GV Mobile Company launched this phone last month. The name of this feature phone is sumo T 3000. This phone's battery gives standby time of 50-51 days.

Display and dual sim:-2.8 inches display in Sumo T3000 phone This feature comes with Dual SIM support as well as the phone with big battery backup.

Big battery:-3600mAh large battery in Sumo T 3000 feature phone. The company claims that the battery of this phone will back up all 51 days. Along with this, the phone also provides internet access.

Other FEATURES:-This feature phone will come with FAM radio, Bluetooth, MP3 player. The phone also has a primary camera. It comes with English and Hindi support of two languages.

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