Tips To Solve Hanging Problem In Your Android Smartphone

Now a days everyone have their own Android smartphone but many of us worried about the hanging problem in our smartphones.And many of us don't know that why our Android  smartphones are today we come with the solution of this hanging problem 

Why your smartphone hang?

  1. The main reason of hanging our Android  smartphone is th RAM of our Android  smartphone.Mean if our mobile have more than 1 GB ram that it will work fine but if the ram is less then one GB then this problem is normal
  2. the second reason is the processor of Android  smartphone above 1.3 GHZ processor Android smartphones are working fine 

Tips To Solve Hanging Problem In Your Android Smartphone

  • Hang due to RAm:-Friends if your Android  smartphone's RAM is full or your mobile have low memory ram the please uninstall all Unwanted apps from your device and after uninstalling your mobile will work fast and smoothly 
  • Use antivirus Or Cleaning app-friends when our mobile will hang then we install antivirus or cleaning app But these apps make load on mobile so please do not install any antivirus or cleaning app on your mobile phone
  •  Use Restrict Data:-Friends now a days we are using many aaps on our mobile phone like whatsapp,facebook etc . but when we on data on our mobile then all apps are start consuming data and make a load on our mobile then our mobile will start restrict data on your mobile this will save your mobile data also make your mobile faster 
  • Cancel any app processing:-friends today i am telling you that if we open any app and this app will taking time to open then many time we stop the processing of opening the app so our mobile will confuse then our Android  smart phone will beware this
  • Delete regularly unwanted things from your app:-Friends if you want to run your Android  smartphone smoothly Then you must clean your memory cache and cookies regularly.

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