A Malware on WhatsApp do not click on this link by mistake

Many smartphone users around the world use the Whatsapp app. This is quite a popular chatting app. In it you can do video calling and calling in addition to chatting. Recently there have been some reports that could upset the WhatsApp users. According to these reports, the Whatsapp app has also become a victim of malware attack.

These days, users are getting a message on Whatsapp, in which it has written that the subscription of WhatsAppApus has been abolished. It also has a link, which is being claimed on the click, in which 0.99 British pounds are being given Lifetime Subscription.

In this regard, WhatsApp has issued an alert saying that these links are a kind of malware and users do not click on this link. By doing this, your smartphone may be a victim of malware attack and hackers can access your personal data. If there is any such link in your phone, then delete it in terms of security.

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