Aircel has launched new Ramadan Special Plan

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 Aircel has launched new Ramadan Special Plan:-

Telecom operator Aircel has launched a new plan, this new Ramadan Special Plan has been introduced in Chennai. In the new Ramzan special offer, the plan starts from Rs 786. In this company will give free yesterday and 1GB 3GB data every day, it will be for 70 days, i.e. 70 GB data
Aircel official said, "We understand the needs of our customers and we have introduced this new plan to meet this need. In which both the needs of the users from call to data are met. From the company, Ramzan is always celebrated as offering a special offer. '

  • He further said, "With RC 786, we have introduced a better plan for our users, with this we are celebrating this festival in association with our customers. This plan is designed with the need of special customers. '
  • The company has also recently introduced the JODI pack, which is specially for Odisha users.
  • The pair pack is designed for new customers who want to enjoy the best calling rates and also want to take advantage of the low prices. In this product, the customer unlimited free call will be available between two pair numbers, this will be for 90 days. After 90 days, from the 91st day to 365 days, there will be a charge of 60 seconds from the beginning of the day at a rate of 1 p / sec, followed by a free call all day.

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