earn thousands of dollars from Google via opinion Rewards

The giant search engine Google has made all the preparations to compete with the rest of the compatriots. For some time, Microsoft search engine Bing announced that it would give users money for net surfing. Now Google has launched an app, through which you can earn 60 to 70 thousand rupees in the house.

How to earn thousands of dollars from Google via opinion Rewards:-

  1.  All you need to do is download this app to your smartphone.
  2. After installing this app in your phone, 
  3. Google will send you do a survey on that app. In that survey you will have to give the correct answers to the questions you have asked Google's survey.
  4.  Google will give you money in exchange for your correct answer. 
  5. his app from Google will get you the name of this app on Google Play Store in the name of the google opinion reward.

Let's say that this Google app has so far downloaded more than five crore downloads. Google will conduct you with a survey every week and give you 1 dollar of every survey. However the number of these surveys can be even higher and you can earn money sitting at home.


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