Now LG V20 smartphone is available at half price

 If you are thinking of taking a smartphone these days, but due to the price you are not able to take it, do not delay and take a beautiful mobile with a great features for yourself. You might be wondering what this is like in these days, let us tell you that at this time almost all e-commerce sites are offering a great discount on smartphones.

  • E-commerce site Amazon is currently offering huge discounts on LG's premium category LG V20 smartphones. The price of LG V20 in India is Rs 60,000. This smartphone is currently available on Amazon at Rs 31,420, which means that it is getting a discount of 28,580 rupees.
  • This discount is on Pink Color variant. The Titan Variants are getting a discount of 26,180 rupees. After which it has been priced at Rs. 33820. Apart from this, silver color variants have a discount of Rs 26,080, after which it is available at Rs 33,920.
  • If you talk about LG V20 specifications, then it has a 5.7-inch quantum display with the dual display's quality. In addition, it will be available in the Quad Core Snapdragon 820 processor. This phone is equipped with 4GB RAM, its internal storage is 64GB. If the user wishes, with the help of micro SD card it can increase to 2TB. LG V20 is the first smartphone in which the Android 7.0 Nogget operating system is pre-installed.

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