Now Whatsapp will going to transfer user data to IBM Cloud

Facebook is now going to transfer Whatsapp data from its data center and transfer it to the IBM cloud soon. According to the news, Facebook's owned WhatsApp is 1.2 billion worldwide. In such a situation, Whatsapp users' data will now be stored on cloud in the center of Facebook.

 Whatsapp will going to transfer user data to IBM Cloud

  • Let me tell you that IBM's cloud store is one of the Top 5 public cloud customers in terms of revenue. Apart from this, it used to spend 2 million dollars per month on IBM. But now IBM is going to get even more revenue.
  • IBM:-On Facebook's decision, IBM has said that Whatsapp is a big customer of IBM cloud. They use our global reach and capabilities in their business. It is completely natural for Facebook to find cooperation in your business.
  • Unsand feature coming up:-Let us tell you that new features are being given on the day on whatsapp. The news is that this app is being given a feature soon, which will send unread messages. This feature will work exactly the same way Google offers an undo feature on Gmail.

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