Hello friends welcome to we know that google has launched the google assistant for all android mobile phone and many of us may be got this on our mobile.And many of us are using this on our mobile phone But many users are not know about the google assistant and how it works so today we come with some cool tricks of google just use below given tricks to use google assistant on your android mobile phone
 First setup: Press and hold device’s Home Key. If you get an upgrade, then you get setup screen.
Now ready? Good.With this below simple commands your daily life tasks easy to perform.

Google Assistant Tips and Tricks:-

  • Unlock Device:-Are your device secure with pin or password? Then Assistant help you unlock screen without even touching your device. Just add your voice to “Trusted voice”So when you say“Ok Google,”device will automatic unlock.
  • Weather Forecaster and A Daily Briefing:-Don’t like to wait for the newspaper. Now no need to wait just prepare a cup of tea or Coffee and just ask the assistant for “Good Morning” and it will start reading the latest news from your selected source.Need to travel for Job/party?Google Assistant can tell you weather is sunny or not.If want to know current condition just say “what’s it like outside” Or for weekend “what’s the weather for the weekend.”Also, choose unit as you want like Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice-versa by just saying “always use Fahrenheit.”
  • shopping and open apps with Google Assistant:-Going to shopping don’t need miss any item now.Google Assistant creates a personalized list just saying-“Create a shopping list.”Open any app with command. For example to open Facebook just say “Open Facebook.”Also able to mention the contact and message want to “Send a message to Any on Facebook Massanger”But as of now an app, specific tasks are also limited not working every time.
  • Music & traffic:-Want to know traffic condition in your current area just say:”traffic.”Now play music easier don’t need to hands off. Just say “Ok Google” and “Play Music.”Google Assistant doesn’t work with another music player than Google’s own.So before start make sure Google Play Music installed on your device.
  • Translate:-Now don’t need to download Google Translate app. Whenever you need to translate to the foreign language just say What’s the [specific language you need] for _____

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