This search engine will now give you the money for Net surfing

Microsoft's search engine Bing has announced its users to pay for netsurfing in exchange for gambling search engine Google. The company will provide you with the search engine of Bing on the Internet instead of net surfing. Explain that Bing has been bringing many features to many search engines to compete with Google, but giving money for netsurfing is a very different scheme.

Microsoft's reward program wants to directly share Google users and increase the number of users. If you search 10 things on Bing in this scheme of Bing, you will be given 60 points for this. Microsoft will reward the search engine using the Bing search engine, which can be converted into money.

This search engine will now give you the money for Net surfing:-

  • Users will need to login to Bing from their Microsoft account to receive a reward. In addition, if users use Microsoft's Web browser app, these points will be doubled. There will be many levels in Bing's this program.
  • 60 points will be for Level 1 users. Level 1 will be for users. To promote level one and move to level 2, the user must collect 500 points within one month. After this you will be level 2 and collect 150 points every day. These points can be exchanged for the prize of Microsoft.
  • In the current search engine market, Google is ranked number one with 77.98 percent share. Bing is the second number after Google, which has 7.8 percent share. China's search engine Baidu is at number three.

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