vodafone launches RED SHIELD PLAN for their users

vodafone launches RED SHIELD PLAN for their users:-

Now Vodafone has taken a tremendous offer to compete with live and other telecom companies. The company has brought the Red Shield Plan for Vodafone users. These Red Shield plans are for Postpaid users only. In this plan, the company will provide insurance cover up to Rs 50,000 to its users. Apart from this, the company will also provide anti-virus protection to customers in this plan.
Users will have to pay 720 rupees for the entire year in this offer. Apart from this, users can also take these plans on 60 rupees a month. Users can claim insurance twice a year in a one year validity plan.

How to get RED SHIELD PLAN for vodafone users:-

  • To avail this plan, users will need to install the Red Shield app from the Google Play Store.
  • This app is also for iOS users. 
  • When this app is installed on your smartphone, 
  • you will have to SMS DSS from 199 to your mobile. 
  • After which the app will test your smartphone and send the request. 
  • Then you will be able to take advantage of this offer. 
  • Vodafone will claim the phone even if the phone is stolen in this plan.

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