Whatsapp come with three new features

hello friends today we come with a good news for whatsapp user that whatsapp are come with two new feature which are discussed below in this article .we already posts about a malware which is now very popular.and we also discussed about that how you can record whatsapp call in android mobile phone

Continuous new features are being added in the messaging app Whatsapp. Three new features have been added to WhatsApp Again. With the help of these features, it has become easier to reply. Let's say that some time ago the Syri feature was included in the Whatsapp app. These three features of WhatsAppApps are currently included in the iPhone, but hopefully these features can soon come in for Android users.

These are the features of whatsapp:-

  • Reply shortcut- For ease of answering a message, Whatsapp offers a reply shortcut. The option to type the answer will be displayed on the right to swipe right on the message to answer.
  • Albums - When five or more images or videos will be uploaded simultaneously on the user's Whatsapp, Whatsapp will automatically convert them to an album. This album will show you the tile in the middle of the message. If you tap on it, then the photos and videos will appear on the full screen.
  • Filters - Now you can add filters to your photos, videos and GIFs with the Whatsapp camera. You have to capture the photo or video or you have to select the pre-existing media. After this you will see the option to select the filter. You can choose one of the filters from Pop, Black and White, Cool, Chrome and Film.

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