How to Change Your Name on Tinder 2020

How to Change Your Name on Tinder

Friends many of us want to change our name on tinder account but not able to change our name because tinder not allow users to change their name on tinder. but as we know Tinder pulls your name from Facebook. So our recommended way to change your name on Tinder is to change it on Facebook.

just log on your facebook account and change your name on facebook.

Once you’ve done this…

• For some people, the change appears in Tinder a few days later.

• Some people need to log out of Tinder and in again to see the change.

if not works then After change the name on facebook you need to follow below given steps once friends:-

1. Log out Tinder account
2. now you just Go to your Facebook Settings and then to Apps.
3. Under Apps look for Tinder, now allow the Tinder permissions to associate with your Tinder profile.

3. Head back to Tinder App and log in again with your Facebook account. Once done, Tinder App will now sync your Facebook account and your Tinder information will be updated.

If it doesn’t update your profile after a week or so,
Delete your Tinder Account & Create Again

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