How to create a link in blogger comments

How to create a link in blogger comments. As know commenting on other online websites is an incredible method to fabricate a relationship with different bloggers and it does not assemble a relationship yet additionally causes you to get backlinks and traffic for your site or blog. To drive traffic we need to share a link in blogger comments.

Which will help up your site, Alexa positioning, get traffic by leaving a connection back to your blog?
How to create a link in blogger comments
How to create a link in blogger comments 
Along these lines, imagine a scenario where you locate a decent blog that produces a high-quality backlink, gets huge amounts of traffic and with presumably a low Alexa positioning however utilizing the Blogger stage.

In the event that you leave your connection/URL in the Blogger remark box, it will be treated as a plain book and not as a hyperlink and it's no utilization on the off chance that you are remarking to improve your blog.

Not at all like many blog comment boxes, the Blogger comment box does ad any button or menus that permit you to rapidly include a connection or change the textual style(Font) of the comment. However, you can at present play out these activities, as the Blogger comment box accepts HTML code.

How to create a link in blogger comments

  • First of all, we need to go to the Blogger blog where you need to create a link in blogger comments.
  • Now goto comment section where you create a link in blogger comments.
  • Here write your comment which you want to publish like the below image.
  • Enter the accompanying HTML code into the remark box:

    <a href="URL/Link">Keyword/text</a>

  • Change "URL/LINK" to which website or link you want to link in blogger comments. Change "KEYWORD" to text you want to display as the link in the comment.
  • We post ink and give name DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY
  • Click "Post Comment" to present your  Comment and connection to the blog.
Be sure that you enter the HTML code exactly as instructed, or the link will not work. To get you out, Blogger won't acknowledge HTML code that has evident arranging mistakes, similar to the inability to open or close a tag. You will see a red message clarifying your mistake when you attempt to present your remark.

how to create a link in blogger comments

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