Apple pie apk Download APKMANIA

 Apple pie apk Download apkmania. This is exceptionally absurd application folks… the first proposal is to not introduce it. What's more, if u have introduced it, or if your interest is sufficiently high to introduce it, simply get headphones and afterward do this.

By pressing continue, it will start sounding like P**n and your phone wallpaper will also get changed to a ridiculous pic. If u want to get rid of it, uninstall it and then go to your file manager and delete that sound file and a pic file. And change your wallpaper manually and change your ringtone. And at last clear the cache of your phone.
apple pie apk
apple pie apk
Photograph in the wake of opening it. By squeezing proceed, it will begin seeming like P**n and your telephone backdrop will likewise get changed to a strange pic. In the event that u need to dispose of Apple pie apk Download, uninstall Apple pie apk Download and afterward go to your document supervisor and erase that sound record and a pic document. Furthermore, change your backdrop physically and change your ringtone. And finally away from the reserve of your telephone….

Apple pie apk Download here APKMANIA

Apple pie apk Download APKMANIA is a bad app that if u install it, first as soon as u install it u will hear a porn star saying “oh yes” and then immediately Ur phone wallpaper will be changed into a naked girl on bed and Ur ringtone will be changed into the voice of porn star saying “ohh years".

Apple pie apk Download These kinds of applications are generally spread over WhatsApp in light of the fact that nobody thinks about what they are jumping on WhatsApp. Absolutely never be the survivor of such applications and utilize notable application stores as it were… Apple pie apk Download

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