kfc console release date, real or fake full detail

KFC console release date, real or fake full detail. Friends as we know that KFC is known for their food chain worldwide but now the news is coming that KFC is entering the tech world with their KFG console yes friends it's real that KFC is going to launch their gaming console soon.The KFConsole is real and it can do something the PS5 and Xbox Series X cannot

kfc console release date, real or fake full detail

The KFConsole has been created in a partnership with PC hardware manufacturer Cooler Master and already has a one-up over everyone else in this console war with that built-in chicken chamber. So even if your game takes a bit too long, you don’t have to worry about your food getting cold.

The console was teased back in June this year and it is finally here. it has a custom-built cooling system that extracts heat from the console through the outside of the chicken chamber that keeps the hardware cool and the food hot.

See it for yourself. Find out more about the new #KFConsole @CoolerMaster: https://t.co/omZWuIhBG8 pic.twitter.com/6n5panSJIs— KFC Gaming (@kfcgaming) December 22, 2020

This KFConsole can also handle the latest games. The console come with a top-end Intel CPU inside, an ASUS hot-swappable mini-GPU, and two NVMe 1TB SSD cards from Seagate. 

KFConsole does not have a release date yet and there is no mention of the price or any specific information about the hardware inside. 

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