Top 10 Best Torrent Sites For Download Torrents

 Here are the top ten torrent sites to download torrent files with high speed. Many internet users love torrent for search and download favorite movies, videos, games, and much more. But downloading torrent is no easy task as well.

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There are a lot of torrent leeching sites offering free torrent download services for torrent file downloading. But most of them providing low downloading speed and some other issues. So that here I am sharing the below top 10 best torrent sites for unlimited high-speed torrent leeching in 2021.

All the below sites are help you to download all torrent files online without forcing you to install any software and apps. There are two types of torrent sites available on the internet to leech torrents. These are public and private torrent leeching sites. Public torrent sites are free to download torrents and no need to pay anything.

But you will get a lot of ads on torrent leeching sites to support the site. Private sites and still secure and you need to pay some premium subscription cost to download movies, games, and other files.

Zbigz and the pirate bay is the most popular two torrent sites with millions of active users per day. Both of them providing good speed and support to search and download all torrent files easily with your internet download manager.

You can download torrents online safely without facing any issues. Try big premium account details to download torrents with high speed in zbigz. Follow below the best torrent sites for download torrents.

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites :

The below sites are offering high-speed torrent leeching speed for downloading all movies, tv shows, and music files. Follow the sites and enjoy unlimited high-speed torrent leeching. All below sites are updated every day with fresh and high-quality torrent files.

Choose any best torrent site from the below list to get the desired torrents to download. To make your torrent leeching experience better sharing all torrent sites with their special features.

You can download any torrent file like movies, videos, tv shows, games, and much more easily by searching them on below torrenting sites.

The Pirate Bay Torrent

Most of the torrent users love the pirate bay to download torrent files. You can directly search your required torrent file using the pirate search or I’m feeling lucky searches instantly with the pirate bay. In many countries, this torrent site is banned due to avoid illegal downloading of private files.

Also, Bitlord has been banned to stream and watch torrent movies online via the pirate bay. So you can try any high-speed VPN connection or any other anonymous proxy IP to hide your IP address and identity.
Torrentz2 – Best Torrent Movies Site

Torrentz2 is a completely free website to download torrent files online with high speed downloading support. Like the pirate bay, You can search and download torrents easily with the torrent search engine of torrentz2.

This is a completely secure and free service without any annoying ads on the webpage. Torrentz2 also providing the direct link of the given file source. So you can easily access any favorite movies and other files using torrentz2.


The largest collection of torrent files is torrentfunk torrent download site. This site offering all types of torrent files with easy navigation and search features. With easy navigation and user-friendly web design, you can find any torrent file without wasting your time.

So I suggest torrentfunk to all new torrent users to find and download torrent files. You will get all torrents in torrentfunk with file pieces of information like size uploaded date and file author. This will bring you a new experience in torrent downloading with torrent funk.


Torlock is one of the best sites to search and download torrent files. You can search and download all favorite torrent files easily with the user-friendly torlock torrent search engine. You will get all the latest torrent files on the homepage to download fresh torrent files instantly.

So you will get the latest torrent movies and tv shows without wasting your time for search recent torrent files. All tv shows and movies are updated every day to get fresh content daily on torlock. So use this site daily to get all the latest tv shows and movies with high-quality videos. – Torrent Movies and tv shows

All torrent lovers must use this site to watch your favorite movies and other tv shows instantly. is the best site than all other sites in video streaming and other services.

You can directly watch torrent movies and other torrent tv shows using this site. The torrent content shows the available folders and files directly without downloading the torrent file. The search feature allows you to get your desired torrent files in just a few step using the search navigation like latest, tag, popular torrent files.


The best site for search torrent movies and other torrent files. The easy search feature of allows you to search your favorite torrent files in english and spanish. So you can find your favorite torrents in few seconds to download them.

This site’s search feature makes this site better than all other torrent sites. Just you need to enter any desired keyword related your required file. Then you will get all related files on search results page.

Eztv.Org – Best tv shows torrent download

This is one of the old torrent leeching site. Currently this site get new update with lot of features like torrent search engine and other usability features. All torrent movies and tv shows are available here with all file details like size and uploaded date.

Eztv helps you to download all your favorite tv shows instantly. So if you are searching for your favorite tv shows in torrent. Try this site first before trying all other torrenting sites.


Rarbg is one of the verified torrent sites with legal torrent files. This site offering all torrent files with high quality verified contents. You can download a variety of files like movies, games, software, tv shows, and other files easily with high-speed torrent leeching service.

If you have any issues while using this site, Then just try any virtual private network or anonymous ip address. Because this url banned in many countries. So VPN connection requires to avoid blocking issues.

Monova – torrent music download

If you are music lover and looking torrent music download, Monova here for you. Monova is the best site with largest collection torrent music files. You will get all torrent mp3 songs in few seconds using monova music search engine.

You will get file icon in the search results to identify the file type easily when search them. All mp3 music files and video files are easy to search and download with monova. The only one issue with this site is annoying banner ads and pop under ads. You should try any vpn and ad blocker to avoid ads in monova torrent download.


This site offering huge collection of games and software’s to download. Gametorrents is the most popular torrent games site with millions of high quality games and other torrent files. You can search desired game for your xbox, pc, ps3, ps2 and mac devices.

So you never face any compatibility issues with games torrents. All games are verified and easy to download via games torrents torrent downloading site. To get the favorite game for your device, Choose the category and use search feature to find favorite games.

Conclusion :

All above sites are verified and providing high quality torrent files. So follow above sites to download torrents with your default browsers. These sites are offering high speed torrent downloading for free without any premium subscriptions.

So you can enjoy all torrent files easily with above sites. To get better security and downloading speed, Use vpn in your mobiles and pc.

There are lot of best vpn apps and software’s available to hide your ip address and make your browsing as anonymous in torrent sites. Try any free vpn providers which gives unlimited bandwidth without any premium accounts.

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