How To Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

 Now a days many facebook users getting some facebook identity verification for verify their identity. Facebook is now tightened their security system against hackers. So that many facebook users getting facebook photo verification for suspicious activity. You have to verify your friends photos for verify it’s you. But now many facebook users getting friends from many sources and unable to clarify who is this. Many users loss their accounts due to photo verification. So here am back with how to bypass facebook photo verification 2017.

The below method working fine for all facebook users to bypass verification and recover your account safely. The below method based on proxy and anonymous ip address. So that you can take another challenge of other country based security verification. Facebook is not following same security on all countries due to easy access. By using below methods you can recover your account. But avoid violating facebook terms and conditions, Because facebook can suspend your account without any prior notifications.
Here am sharing two working methods which is bypass photo verification. And easily recover your account by otp verification. Follow all below steps carefully and enjoy your facebook account again without any verification procedures.

How To Bypass Facebook Photo Verification [Method 1] :

  1. Download Tunnel Bear App From Play Store and install it.
  2. Then open Tunnel Bear and change your ip address location to japan.
  3. Now open facebook in your android mobile’s default browser or google chrome.
  4. Login to your facebook account which asking photo verification.
  5. Your Photo verification disabled now, And it’s asking mobile number verification.
  6. Change Japan country code to your country and request OTP.
  7. Finally enter the otp in the verification box and enjoy.
By using this method, You have to verify your mobile number for access your account. So keep your facebook linked mobile number in your device and complete the verification by one time password. Basically facebook avoid facebook photo verification in japan. So you can use japan ip address and verify it’s you.

How To Bypass Facebook Photo Verification [Method 2] :

  • Open Bypass Tunnel in your windows browser.
  • Now login to your facebook account with Bypass tunnel ip.
  • Then it’s asking mobile number verification instead of photo verification.
  • Verify your mobile number by one time password and confirm.
  • Finally you are successfully bypassed facebook photo verification.
The above two steps working fine for bypass facebook account photo verification. Enjoy your facebook account again and start using facebook again without facebook id verification. Link your email address and mobile number both in your facebook account and avoid anonymous proxy for get rid of photo verification. Due to proxy usage, your account get access from unfamiliar location, So that i recommend to avoid proxy sites for login to facebook account.

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