How to Access DroidVpn Premium Server for Free + Unlimited Downloads

Step 1:- First Download terminal Emulator and
install on your android.

Step 2:- After Installation, Open the app and
type, SU in the terminal. Then a root permission
would be given to the application.

Step 3:- Be sure that you've installed droid
version 1.8.7b properly, then select any of the
premium servers

Step 4:- After the above procedure, then click
on the connect button and hold on for some
while, till it's connected,

Step 5:- Immediately the connection is
successfully established, a prompt would pop-
out, then click on Upgrade Later

Step 6:- Once the connection is successful,
Minimize the droid, and open the terminal
emulator and type, ping and click the
enter button.

Step 7:- From your app manager, under
stop the droidvpn process.

NOTE:- Don't close the app, just stop the
And make sure your terminal emulator is
running in backgroung (Just minimize it).


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  1. how to use bro onnum puriyale

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Do you have rooted mobile&
      Droid vpn working udp or tcp trick?

      Follow the steps to use bypass limit

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