How To Display More Than 20Kb image in wapka forum 100% Working Code

How to upload or include
more than 20kb image in wapka forum
Step 1: Goto Global settings >> Forum >>
Enable WCODE (about WCODE)

click on that (about wcode) You will see
many tick box just untick the one with
( img: )

Step 2: Goto Wap2 >> Styles for content
forum/chat >> Set
global settings of styles for forum/chat

and click on the second " Messages in
" which is or set own form for: afta u
click u

will see 3 boxes, In the first box which is
"Style of messages in the forum:*"
:msg: in that box and replace it with
<div name="sasi">::msg::</div>

Now Goto Your Forum
Bottom Autocontent And Paste This Code

<script language="javascript">
var msg=document.getElementsByName("sasi");
for(var i=0;i<msg.length;i++){
var oldtext=document.getElementsByName
var newtext=oldtext.replace(/(^|[\n ])([\w]+?:\/
\/[^ ,\"\n\r\t<]*)/ig,
"$1<a href='$2'>$2</a>");
ig, "<a href='$1'><img
src='$1' width=270'/></a>");
"111767790"); newtext=newtext.replace(/
themename/ig, "");
newtext=newtext.replace(/temaid/ig, "");

Now Enjoy!!

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