Get Free Premium Domains Names With GoogleHost |~Exclusive~|

Before we start there is some
basic tips to get your domain
activated without any issues
and fast.

1. You Must have at least 1
week old account with
2. Create a free hosting
account under
3. Do not use this method
again until your previous
domain is pending for
4. Do not create support
ticket to activate your
domain name
5. Transfer is not possible
within 6 month

  • Create Free Hosting account at
  • Create a hosting account
    under sub-domain (Its
  • Wait for at least 24 hours (Old
    users can place the order
  • Place the order of any
    premium domains like, .com,
    .net, .org, .asia etc
  • Use coupon code
    This coupon is only for
    validation now checkout with
    PayPal but don't pay anything
    Wait for 24-48 hours for Old
    users and 7 days for new users
    and it's done
    Your domain will be activated

    1. No Advance DNS access
    however you can change
    Name Servers
    2. No Privacy Policy on
    free domains
    3. You cannot transfer
    within 6 month
    4. You cannot use these
    domains with other free
    hosting providers

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