Unblock Your Hike Account in Easy Steps

Helll Everyone. Previously i posted hike
unlimited referral trick but after using that
trick the account of some users has been
blocked by hike. Today i am giving you a
trick to unblock hike account. This trick is
very easy and help you to redeem your data
from blocked account.

Here is The Trick :-

1) Open Hike Messenger > Rewards/extras >
Data Rewards

2) Enter your Operator and state wrong

3) If you are using 'prepaid' then select
'postpaid' and if you are using 'postpaid' then
select 'prepaid'

4) Click On Recharge.

5) You will get Recharge failed or recharge
unsuccessful error

6) Click on recharge

7) Enter your operator, state and prepaid or
postpaid correctly

8) Click on Recharge and confirm it.

9) That's it. You will get recharge.
So by using the trick to unblock hike account
you can easily redeem data from hike blocked

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