How To Add More than 100 members in Whatsapp Groups

Android is best open platform operating
system for smartphone in which you
can personalize your smartphone more
than you think, today i am going to tell
you how to add more than 100 members
in whatsapp group.

Rooting your android gives you power to
make your smartphone more smart, as
you know whatsapp is one of the best
messaging app that have about 900
million users all around the world. But
still you needs to break the limits of
whatsapp because you can add only
100 members in whatsapp group, so
read the guide to increase the limit of
adding members in whatsapp group.

You needs to root your android to add
more than 100 members in whatsapp
group, also install latest version of
whatsapp in your smartphone.

• Open File Explorer

The first and the foremost thing you will
need to do with the ES File Explorer is,
you need to enable the "Root Explorer"
Option in it, To enable the root explorer
in ES File Explorer, Just Open it and
swipe from left and enable the Root
Explorer by giving access to the

• Open the below shown Folder and Edit
the WhatsApp_Preferences.

So once you've given proper access to
the Root Explorer and have enabled root
explorer then lets begin with the Editing
WhatsApp_Preferences File. So navigate
to the following Directory :

data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp_preferences.xml and edit the
file. Didn't get the proper location?
didn't find the file? Follow the below
image to reach the correct destination.

• Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.xml
File using the Editor.

Once you reach the above mentioned
location, what you have to do is modify
the WhatsApp_Prefrences.xml file,
Below is the part of the file which you
will have to modify so that you can add
more than the existing whatsapp group
limit. Look for "int name="participants_
size_limit" value="100″
and replace the
100 by the maximum number of
members/ participants you would like to
have in your Group, Here I've replaced
by 1000 because I want 1000 members
in the WhatsApp Group, You can keep
the number depending on your needs.
After changing it, save the file and close

• Now go to the App Manager and Force
Close WhatsApp.

After force closing come back to
WhatsApp and Turn it on and now
create a group and add members, you
will see that the member limit which was
previously 100 has raised to the number
you entered in the maximum
participants in the code. Bingo...!!! You
have breaked the limit of adding
members in whatsapp group now you
can add as many peoples as you want in
whatsapp group.

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