Recover Nokia Security/ Unlock Codes

How to Recover Nokia Security/Unlock Codes of your Nokia (java) Handsets

Few days back, some of my naughty cousins were to visit my home.
and I got scared of them & I decided to set Unlock Code for my Nokia handset.
But I was unable to do it because there a Unlock Code set on it;
but it (the Keypad Lock) was not active.

Few months ago I had activated and set the KeyPad Lock , used it for few weeks, and then again deactivated it.

But the problem was, I didn't remember what code I had used as the KeyPad Lock.

so I began searching the net and came across two s/w which could successfully do it in a jiffy.
#1. NssPro - 3 Mb s/w
#2. JAF Suit - 20 Mb s/w

Today we'll discuss briefly about using NssPro (Nokia Service Software Professional) to recover the Unlock Code of Nokia Hanset

Step #0. Download, Extract and Run the s/w
The interface will very simple .

Step #1. On bottom left side, Select the USB Mode for Connection Type
beside it, click and select Nokia USB Phonet - when the phone is detected

Step #2. On Top of the window, click on User Code Button
That's all !!

Step #3. Your Nokia Phone's Unlock Code will be displayed in a Jiffy
in the !!

Your Unlock Code would be shown as under Possible Code
If you get more than One, then it could be also be - PIN, PIN2.
you could each one

Prerequisites :
You need to do some preparation beforehand for Unlock Code of the Nokia (Java) Handset
#1. USB Cable -
--- For connecting your Nokia handset to Windows PC

#2. Nokia Phone Drivers installed on the PC -
-- For the PC to detect your Handset
-- If Nokia PC Suit is already installed on your PC, well and good !
---- If not, you may download Nokia drivers from elsewhere

#3. Of course the NSS s/w
You may get it here without any nasty survey.
Antivirus may detect it as a virus. So you know what to do.

Similarly, Unlock Codes can be found for Android Mobiles
but that is a different Ball-Game as it requires different approach with different s/w
because androids are Linux based.
And (Perhaps) It could only only be possible
if the Android is rooted or/and the USB Debugging setting is in Active Mode.


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