How to send self-destructing photos in Facebook

How to send self-destructing photos in

*.On your Android smartphone , go to Play
Store then search for a free app called

*.Download and install the Phantom app on
your device.

*.After installing the app, launch it from
your home screen or app drawer.

*.By default
The app will automatically open its camera
so that you can automatically take a photo.
Or ,you are free to choose an existing
photo from your device gallery or local

*.Select the photo that you want to send
and then do not forget to set its
maximum viewing time, maximum number
of viewers and maximum viewing period.
For example, you can create a self-
destructing photo that can only be viewed
for 2 seconds within a viewing period of 7

So after 7 days,the photo will be
automatically deleted even if left
It is also up to you if you want to add
text to your photo or image. Once you're
done, press "Next".

*.The app will automatically generate a
concealed version of your original photo
together with a quick share link.
So, all you need to do is to copy the link
then share it to your friends on Facebook.

*.If any of your friends attempt to click
and open the link, they will only see the
concealed version of your photo. If they
want to view the actual photo, they must
first download and install the Phantom app.

*.After which
just open the concealed photo using
Phantom then touch your screen.

*.So that's it.
The photo will expire according to its
maximum viewing time so you need to be
You can't also copy the image as well as
take a screenshot of your screen.

Link: Phantom

Note: You can also use it to share self-
destructing photos to other sites and
platforms (ex. Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp,

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