Yahoo Account Creator [Bot]

This bot uses fake info
generated from
FakeNameGenerator and a list
of proxies to create accounts. It
can run in the background and
when it encounters a captcha a
window pops up and gets focus.
Stores all supposedly valid
accounts as "id ass". Captcha's
are entered in manually.

1. Order fake info from the
  • name gen. Make sure it
    is in the following order:
  • GivenName
  • Surname
  • Username
  • Password
  • TelephoneNumber
  • Birthday
  • Gender
    and the format is pipe
    delimited (.txt)

    US people will be a good
    idea. Haven't tested with
    other countries. (Mainly
    the mobile number)

    2. Get proxies ("Host ort")
    *No spaces before/after
    a line* (Optional)
    If you don't load a proxy
    list it will use your
    current IP aka no proxy.

    3. Unzip to a folder

    4. Open "run.bat"
    Or if you are
    uncomfortable with
    executing a bat run this
    in CMD or a terminal: java
    -jar YahooAccountCreator.ja

    5. Go through Auth

    6. Login into DBC

    7. Load InfoList

    8. Load Proxy List

    9. Select mode. Only
    Firefox ATM

    10. Click "Start Creating"
    11. Enter Captcha's as they
    appear or sit back and
    enjoy (if you used DBC)

    Note: To close, either use the
    "x" (Might take a while since I
    used delays: waiting in between
    entering and submits, yahoo
    reject registrations if they are to
    fast, I believe.) Or gain focus on
    the command prompt and press

    Note2: Use good and fresh
    proxies. Test them beforehand
    since the program might get
    stuck trying to load a broken
    proxy *will require a program
    restart if it happens*.

    VirusTotal Scans:

    Zip - click Here

    Inside Zip:
    Jar - Click Here

    Bat - Click Here


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