How to Add Hidden / Invisible Admin on Facebook Page

In order to add hidden admin to your facebook page, you need to use Business Manager, a new feature that is introduced by facebook for Pro Facebook Page Owners to manage their pages more effectively.

  • First login into to Facebook Business Manager with your account that you want to make owner of your page and click on “Get Started” button. (Best practice is to create a new account for this purpose that you never sign in from public places etc).
get started to faebook business manager
  • Facebook will prompt you what you need to set up business manager, read that and click on “Next” button.
set up business manager

  • Here facebook will ask you to add information about your business. Select the publisher option and choose the best industry that suits your facebook page. Select the number of people who would have access to your page, and  number of pages. Then click on “Next” button.
info about your business

  • Facebook will not ask you two basic things. Name of business and primary page for which you want to get business manager. Enter any name here ( best practice is to use name matching your page name    ) in name of business field and select the page for which you want to become the owner. Note: You should be admin of the page prior to become the Owner.
business name and page
  • Now facebook will ask you your name that will appear into your page admins section as (non-removable owner of the page by other admins.) Enter your name here. I am entering mine. Then enter your business email (If you are having your own website, you can use or you can use any email address that is being used by you). And click on Create Business Manager button.
business manager profile details

That’s it. You have successfully added the yourself as page owner into the business manager. You are now page owner of your page. No one from other page managers like admins can remove you from your page as show below too in screen shot.
Now if any other page admin’s account got hacked, the hacker will not be able to remove the Page Owner and you can kick hacker off from your page from visiting Facebook Business Manager.

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