Make Unlimited Free Calls To WorldWide With Using Gmail Account

Nowadays, Google and its numerous useful features have changed our way of living, whether it is about corporate world, enjoyment sector, communication section, students life, or anywhere it become our need to use its helpful features almost on a daily basis.

When it comes to Gmail account- which is the most useful feature of Google. Then, there is no doubt regarding the helpful benefits of it that we are taking daily. It made our life easy in professional and personal manner as well. If you are using it regularly, then you must be aware of each feature that Gmail account provide, but are you still aware of the fact that you can also make free phone calls using gmail account?. Strange, but it is true that make free phone calls through gmail accounts.

Steps To Make Unlimited Free Calls With Using Gmail Account:-
Gmail is a very famous tool for receiving and sending mails. This e-mail service from Gmail is the best and fast in all over the world. Mostly people trust it and use it daily. On August 2010, Google introduced Gmail hangout feature which is simply awesome. Now let us come to the point that how can you make free phone calls using gmail account. Just follow these simple steps for taking advantages of free actual calls:-

  • You need to create a Gmail account, however if you still have it then jut log in to your gmail account.
  • Go to the Google voice option.
  • Now, download Google voice call plugin. [LINK]
  • After that install plugin into your computer, open it.
  • On the top left of the page, you will see the option- Click call.
  • In the box under “Number to call”, enter a contact name or phone number.
  • In the box under ‘Phone to call with”, scroll to choose on which type of phone you want to use for the call.
  • Dial number and click on connect.
  • If you are using Google then it will be better to install Google Voice Extension and make free call through gmail.

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