Steps To Setup Custom Godaddy Domains In Blogger

Blogger . com and wordpress are leading platforms. But, unique features of blogger are very fruitful. Hosting, high quality and high security makes it more advantageous than any other platform.  Most importantly, the best feature is that you can integrate your blog with third party URL given by Godaddy. This will make your blog professional. You just need to setup custom domain with Godaddy.

Setup custom domain in blogger

Let’s see, how to setup custom domain with Godaddy:
  • Sign in to your blog with your Gmail account. It will take few minutes and your blog is ready now. It is free and easy to handle.
  • Now purchase domain from Godaddy. Keep in mind that you have to buy only domain (URL name).
  • Ignore hosting and any other packages which Godaddy offers.
  • They will assign you an IP address.
Login to Godaddy
  • Go to domain section
  • Click on domain detail (which you have brought)
  • Go to DNS Zone file section
  • Click on add record (fill the detail)
  • Click on add record (create 4 more record)
  • Click on save
Login to your blogger account:
  • Click on setting
  • Click on 3rd party URL setup
  • Click on save button

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