Trick To Tag All friends In Your Facebook Status Update Automatically

So now if you were searching for something like this then you are really at the right place, well just follow steps below and see how its done.

  • Open Facebook and post your normal status update.
  • Now after posting that status update we need to go to the direct URL of that post, well you can do that by clicking on the timestamp. (1 second ago)
  • Now you will be on the direct URL of that status update, so now just right click and choose Inspect Element.
  • Now you need to click on the Console tab and paste the JavaScript inside it provided below. (use the Ctrl + V key)
  • After pasting the javascript just press enter and see the magic of this script how it automatically fetches all your friends name and add them in the status comments section one by one, its really fast in matter of seconds your all friends will be added.
  • Now you might see a popup saying that the content is not accessible, but you do not need to worry as your work is done and you can refresh your page to see all the friends tagged correctly.
  • Now soon you will start receiving likes and your friends will start asking why you have tagged all your friends like this and how, well now that's a secret say as they cannot do that really fast. So guys now you have completed the tutorial on easily tagging your friends in your status update and that too in fast way, do check video if you are still confused on how this was done.

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