Tweaks To Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings

  • Tips to Increase your AdSense Earnings

    Well, this is something you might have read on other blogs as well. But believe me, if you follow it correctly, you will be witnessing atleast a 20% increase in your AdSense income without even increasing your traffic. But yes, this will require a lot of experiments which can take days. So be patient while doing this otherwise you’ll not be able to increase your earnings.
    Lets get started !! 
    So the basic concept of this is to block ads and ad categories. Well this doesn’t sound new ?? Right ?? You might have read this before as well. Right ??
    But there’s a difference, here I won’t be giving you advertiser categories or list to block. Rather you will be the one who have to find and block all the unwanted categories. This is a huge difference !!
    I have also read many people saying that they don’t get improvements even after blocking ads !! Well yes its true as well but only until you follow the list given by other blogs.
    Umm, don’t get confused!! Let me explain it using some pictures and snaps !!

    Tweak to Increase your Adsense Income

    One more thing !! Adsense performance reports have everything you need but still if you want you can create a separate report file on excel or any other software to track ad performances. I won’t be explaining that in detail.
    So Firstly open up your Adsense Account !!  and go to Allow & Block ads Section.
    Adsense Allow & Block Ads
    This is where you can let the magic happen. Yes, here you can allow and block any ad you want to.This feature of AdSense makes it a great experience for publishers and to be honest hardly anyone uses this. (Hopefully after reading this, you will spend time on it).
    Note: You can work on this feature individually for each site or you can directly apply it for all of your sites linked to your account. However it is recommended to optimize it individually for each of your site since you might be having sites on different niches and the work here involves a lot on focusing target niches. 
    So once there, you will be seeing 6 different options to work with. Our aim is to optimize everything to get the best out of our limited traffic :p
    Instead of going through all 6 options in order, follow this.

    1. Blocking General Categories

    First click on general Categories because by doing this first, we can filter a lot of unwanted ads and advertiser URLs.
    Adsense General Categories
    So once there, you will be able to see a list of categories along with an option to block them.Alongside each category, you can also see % of your earning from that particular category and also the % ad impression of the particular category. This data is a gem for you as a publisher and with time you will see results !! You also have an option to review ads of each category individually.
    So the first thing you have to do is, sort the list by % Earnings (last 30 days) in decreasing order.Now you can see the top categories that makes you money and down the list you will be having categories with % earnings less than 5%.
    Your work starts here !! As I said this is largely based on experimentations, you can block categories with less than 15% earnings or with less than 10%. I will suggest you to begin with small steps andblock all categories that that has % earnings less than 5%But there’s a demerit and that is, you can block only limited categories. Only 50 Can be blocked (subcategories involved). So you have to be smart while blocking the categories.
    So by now you must have blocked around 3 categories. Some categories will show “Too big to block”.Don’t worry, we will block those too 😛
    To really get an improvement we need to dig down into each category. Now we will be going deep into each category one by one individually (it takes time, but its really worth).

    How to Block Categories in Google Adsense

    Have a look at the snapshots that I’ve taken for better understanding. :)
    In this example I am digging into the Computer & Consumer Electronics category that gives me21.8% of my adsense income. The reason I am digging into it is because it has 22 subcategories (as shown in snap) and I’m pretty much sure that out of those 22, there will be many useless or unwanted categories.
    Digging into categories
    Here I am inside, it can be clearly seen that Computer Electronics category gives me just 2.5% earnings and it is something I would like to block. But again its too big to block. Lets get deeper into it.
    Finding low paying subcategories
    I am inside Consumer Electronics and now these categories can be blocked.
       Inside low paying categories
    Blocked all the categories inside.
    Blocking Low paying categories
    This way you can block any category that gives you 0 income or any category that is too big to block.
    I’m pretty sure you understood how to block !! but there’s a problem that you will face ! Remember The blocking limit 😛 ??

    How to Block General Categories Smartly

    With a limit of just 50, you will not be able to block all ads those are not paying you. However, I have a simple solution, just follow it and it will surely improve your income.
    If you look at the snaps you can see one more column, % Ad Impressions. Right ? This is what we will use along with % earnings to get the best results out.
    Instead of sorting according to earnings, sort according to ad impressions.
    Category list sorted by impressions
    All you have to do is, block all ads those have high impressions but less earnings.
    • Block all categories that have impressions of over 2% but 0% earnings
    • Block all categories with impression to earnings ratio of 2:1. That is if a category have ad impression of 2% but earning of just 1%, then block it.
    • Don’t directly block the main categories, block each one individually following the above 2 points.
    So this way block 50 categories, it will take only around  10-15 minutes to do this task. Moreover don’t block the ones I’ve blocked, it all depends from niche to niche and blog to blog. Do it yourself.

    2. Blocking Sensitive Categories

    Adsense recently added many sensitive categories and some restricted categories which you can enable. These categories involves Religion, Black Magic, Gambling, Casino, Downloading etc.Though these categories don’t usually have good CPC rates but they are highly clickable and can get you a good CTR. So if your niche matches any of these, you can enable them and track the results.
    Blocking adsense sensitive categories
    If you are into wallpapers, music, entertainment, dating etc niches it is highly recommended to use these categories.
    But wait !! If it ain’t paying you, simply block it. Follow the above steps and rules to block these categories. One good thing is, there is no blocking restrictions here. You can block any number of categories here.

    3. Blocking Ad networks

    Google Adsense and Adwords works with many other ad networks together, here you can see ads from various ad networks. Most of us won’t be having any idea of the networks, so simply skip the step. But if you know some networks that pay less or if you know the name of the networks whose ads are not attractive, you can simply block them.
    Blocking Ad Networks

    4. Ad Serving Settings

    Times have changed and Google Adsense has evolved a lot over the past 5 years. Back then we just had only direct image and link ads, but now things have changed. Google Adsense started serving Animated ads, Expandable ads, VPaid ads (kind of video ads) and many other forms of enhanced ads.
    Well this move is both good and bad for a publisher. Some sites won’t just look good with a lot of enhanced ads while on some sites these ads really works great. Due to the same reason, Google has given publishers the right to chose what ads to display and what ads not to display.
    By default it is recommended to keep everything selected but if you are really not earning well as per your traffic, you need to take steps here as well.
    Adsense ad serving
    The only thing I would recommend you to experiment with is “User-based ads”. Well enabling it will show ads based on the searchers history, profile and interests while disabling them will maybe lead to niche or keyword based ads. So if you are working on some high CPC niche, disable user based ads and see the magic happen (not always though 😛 ).
    For example, I got messages from many people complaining about low CPC even after working on high cpc keywords like Law, forex, insurance etc etc. So this is the answer !! Your site won’t always show ads related to your keywords, rather it will show ads based on users interest which leads to displaying of low cpc ads. So try disabling this feature next time, it must then show ads based on your keywords and post. Pretty simple ?? Do share your experiences about this. :)

    5. Blocking Ad through Ad review Center

    Enjoying ?? I hope you are 😛 Well I also hope that you are following my order of blocking !!
    Ad review center is something I love the most !! Have a look first.
    Adsense Ad review center
    I guess you got it !! 😛
    Well from the ad review center you can view all the ads that are ready to get displayed on your website. Not only you can see them but you can also block them.
    Thinking of its use ?? Well we all know one thing that a user will click an ad only and only if it attracts him (either through content or design). And if an ad fails to achieve this, it won’t be clicked even after being displayed thus leading low CTR. YEAAHH I explained another reason to low CTR !!! 😛
    So all you can do is, take some time daily and review adsIf an ad fails to capture your attention, BLOCK it. Simple eh !!!
    The only problem is, there will be thousands of ads to review and it will take a hell lot of time (days) to complete viewing all of them. A simple solution to it is the filters that you can apply. :)
    Simply click on the filter button and you will then be having an option to filter the ad for reviewing based on languages, size, ad networks etc.
    Filter in Ads Review center
    Simply block any ad that you don’t like. You can even find related ads and block them too to avoid Low CTR.
    Block ads that you dont Like
    Moreover you can view more information about an ad and even block a complete adwords account from displaying ads on your website. Oops !! This is really helpful 😛 hehe Since they have the right, you too have it.
    Complete ad details
    So this is about the ad review center, you all are smart enough to block useless ads and ad networks. It will take time but its totally worth and interesting.

    6. Blocking Advertiser URLs

    Well everything is done !! but what if you have a URL of some advertiser that you want to block ?? Then simply use this feature, otherwise nothing is needed here.
    You have the option to add a URL yourself or block urls from the list of URLs.
    Block ads by AD url
    However by following the above 5 steps of blocking you must have already blocked a lot of low paying, useless, unwanted ads and advertisers.

    Your Adsense Income is Increased Successfully !!

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