airtel new high speed working pd-proxy Tcp Vpn Unlimited 3g Trick [ April May 2016 ]

Now am going to share you an airtel unlimited 3g vpn trick for pc users april may 2016 with pd proxy.
With this trick you access unlimited 3g in your airtel sim. If you buy premium account for pdproxy.

Requirements For Pc Users:
  • AirTel 3G Enable Sim
  • keep balance 0rs. [Recharge small 3g plan, if 3g not enable]
  • Apn:
  • Speed Upto 1mbps on 21 mbps Modem

Steps To Use This Airtel Unlimited 3G Vpn Trick:
  • Download PD-Proxy VPN  in your windows from
  • create new account on pd-proxy site.
  • Open PD-Proxy VPN app in windows PC and click on settings.

Pd Proxy Airtel

  • Select Proto Options and enter 443 in TCP Port field.

Pd Proxy Airtel

  • Go on Parent Proxy and Paste in ip. and enter 3128 in port field.

Pd Proxy Airtel

New Proxy: 
  • hs -
  • rs -
  • ds -
  • rs -
  • ur -
  • is -

  • Click on  Headers section and paste it. 
  • Host:

  • Now Save and Back to Main page.
  • Use TCP Protocol and enter your pd proxy login details.
  • If you are the premium user of PDproxy VPN ,you can use unlimited data. Otherwise you will get free trial 100MB/day data.

This is 100% working airtel trick in all states of India. 

Pd Proxy Airtel

Now Enjoy This High-speed Free internet Vpn Trick in your pc for free of cost. 


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