How To Get All Facebook Credentials Without Hack Facebook Account

Best Facebook account hacking tricks and tips 2016 to get Facebook password and username. Are you trying to know the Username and Password for any FB Account but you dont want to hack their Account?That is possible!! Facebook is the most popular social media network on which about the whole world might have it’s own different accounts.

Facebook hacking 2016

How to Get Facebook Credentials Without Hacking Facebook

1.Kali OS: The first thing that you has to do is that you have to install a different operating system on your computer i.e Kali OS. It is an Linux based operating system that has a great capabilities To perform hacking tricks. Windows or Mac are not an appropriate choice for hacking as these cannot perform such tasks that the Kalli Linux can do easily.Download and install Kali Linux OS on your computer, you can also dual boot this with your Windows or Mac.

2.BeEF: Also called browser exploitation framework (BeEF) is an in-built app that you will get with Kali Linux OS. Using this browser, you can’t hack the victims browser and take control of it.Open up the browser on your newly installed Kali OS. You can also use both the username and password as “beef” if prompted to login while launching BeEF.
3.Hack Browser: Now to hack the victim’s browser you will has to design a special type of javascript link to hook to their browser.Once the victim will click to your link that you will send then the victim’s browser will be hooked with your browser.Now you can go for the next step that follows.
4.Getting Credentials: Once you has successfully hooked the victim’s browser, you can then start the process for hacking the credentials.For that you has to open the “hooked browsers” panel that is placed on the left of your screen in your browser.You will be able to see the details of the victim’s browser.Now follow the below
“Commands>Modules Tree>Social Engineering>Pretty Theft”

This will now open up the Module Resuls History and Pretty thefts panel.Through this panel you can now send the pop up windows for Facebook and many other social media’s too.Just select up the Facebook option from the Pretty Theft window and after that press on the Execute Button down in the browser.This will now send the Pop up of facebook login to the victims browser.

5.Now if the user do Log In through the pop up window that you has sent then you has successfully hacked their credentials.Just go to the Command results window of the browser and check for the credentials.

You can find the username and password of the victim there on that window.
That’s Done! you has accessed the FB credentials without even attempting to hack the Facebook Account.

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