How To Earn $30 A Month With Swagbucks In 5 Minutes Daily Work

  Swagbucks is an online rewarding program, which will give you points, and from that points you can redeem cash prices. Swagbucks will give us points when we use their tools and services, which are search engine, online games, tasks, surveys, polls, etc..

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How To Earn 30$ Monthly From Swagbucks:
  • Join SwagBucks Here.
  • You Can Use Facebook For Signup.
  • Now Complete Your Registration And Verify Email.
  • Complete Your Profile - You will Get 28SB Bonus.

Ways To Earn Money with SwagBucks:
  • Searching: - Swagbucks have their search engine, which will show you websites which are indexed in Bing and Google. They will give you swag bucks for using this search engine, but randomly. Don’t expect points for every search but they will give you points for your efforts. The limit of earning from this service is 1-1000 swag bucks per day. If we use this search engine for our casual searches, we will definitely earn a good amount from this.
  • Games: - There are lots of online flash games are available in Swagbucks, if we play those games they will give us 2 swag bucks periodically. The games are quite fun and I am sure you are really going to enjoy this part. I spent lot of time in this; they have a great collection of flash games.
  • Surveys: - They provide daily surveys for every user, if we successfully complete one they will give us 60 swag bucks. And there will be more if we check again, so this is a nice way for earning some good points, but we can’t qualify for all the surveys they provide.
  • Tasks: - These are some crowd sourcing tasks from CrowdFlower (Dolores Lab), which are available in a big number. They are quite easy to do and some tasks are really interesting. We can do as much as we like.
  • Special Offers: - These are some offers from some global and national companies. This may be shopping, register in a website, or may be using their products for trial. This will give you a fair amount of points in return. Personally I like this part; it gives you lots of swag bucks.
  • Swag Codes: - These are some codes posted in web in different places. Swagbucks have their own official Twitter, Facebook (There is one only for Indians), and blog accounts, they will post some case sensitive codes in it, which are redeemable at gimme box (always in the Home page) as swag bucks. But they will expire after few hours, so we have to be lucky for seeing that.

SwagBucks Swag Code
  • Referral program: - Ever user has their own referral code which we can use it for making more people to join Swagbucks. As return we will earn swag bucks for every swag bucks that your partner earns. From one referral we can earn up to 1000 swag bucks. The more you refer the more you earn and it is work less.
  • Daily Goals: - Swagbucks will set a daily goal for your earned swag bucks, if you reach that goal you will be awarded some swag bucks as bonus, and it will be increase if you continue the streak without breaking it.
  • Swagstakes: -This is basically a lottery, which will select winners randomly. We can buy one ticket using our swag bucks. I personally don’t recommend this, because a chance for winning is 1/1000. You can try it if you’re feeling so lucky.
  • Daily Polls: - Every day there will be a poll question, if we attend that question we will be rewarded with 1 swag buck.
SwagBucks Is a good legit paid site. Search In google For Scam Or Legit. You Can Get Payment Proofs.

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