Trick To Get Hugh Traffic to Your New blog within a week

This is the basic need for any blog to start and to run. There may be many strategies for driving traffic to your blog but without quality posts, no strategies or magic can work. Assume that you are getting a decent traffic to your blog but the bounce rate is high then this decent amount of visitors will be of no use to you. So try to hold your visitors on your site for a good time and that can only do quality posts.
Increase Blog Traffic Faster

Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus:

We may hear about social media marketing a lot on the big channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and yes it does work greatly. Without regular activities on those channels cannot make it quick for you. For twitter, tweet regularly with your blog posts or retweet other tweets related to your topics. Using hashtags is a must and don’t forget to add attractive image or videos. Use or Buffer or something like that to make the posting consistent. Also, don’t be selfish to follow other people sharing contents in your niche. You can also use the followers app to manage your followers status.
We know Facebook is a traffic giant. For any blog is the best platform for quick and continuous visitors. Start your Facebook fan page at the very first day you start your blog. Share your posts on relevant groups, comment on other’s post of your niche and finally make people engaging with your posts by likes, comments or shares. Similar to facebook and twitter concentrate on your Google plus profile also as this is now world’s second most big social networking platform. You can also share here long blog post looking status and there are several communities to share your contents related. It is a platform of great potentiality and it is said by the experts that it can also give the boost to organic ranking for the respectable keywords.

Comment Backlinks
Sometimes we see a lot of controversies about the necessity of the comment or blog commenting backlinks as most of them are follow. But do not think this way, think about visitors. If you can make a good comment then you can also expect the visitors of that blog into your own blog pages or posts. By commenting you can make a great relation with the other bloggers of your niche and can have free backlinks as the bonus. But one thing to remember while commenting you should not make general comments like “thanks, I am really helped” because this will make you a spammer interface, also these comments cannot attract any people to give you free backlinks. Also, always comment with a good neighborhood and always at the niche blogs. Avoid link farms and other subjects related blogs which are really disliked by Google.

Start Social Bookmarking
The generic social bookmarking days are long gone. Nowadays social bookmarking sites like Stumble UponSlashDotReddit which can drive mad traffic but one must understand how to make your posts top at those sites.

Drafting Technique (combination with Guest Blogs)
This is quite a helpful one. You can simply check your competitors posts in a regular manner. When you find out that any of their posts post on a single blog then you can understand that those blogs are taking guest posts. In this way, you can build a big list of sites that are taking guest posts on your niche subjects. Now the idea is simple, let the authorities of those sites know that you have written similar posts that are already posted on their site, which is more effective and helpful.
There are still so many other effective ways like forum postings, submit to blogging communities & directories, submit to Q/A sites, pdf sharing, eBook sharing, presentation sharing etc. But the following are the best and most proven. Try those and let us know the effects at the comment section.


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