My Blog Is Getting Low Traffic From Google Why? - Solution

Actually Many Blogger Users Getting Low Traffic From Google. Seo Tips Is not only way to get traffic from google. you need to follow some guides to add your blog posts in google.Getting search engine traffic is not all that difficult, but there are important things we need to learn in order to achieve decent search engine traffic. It all comes down to how great your content is, and how well it’s optimized for search engines. And yes, your social media sharing is also important toward the improved search engine visibility of your articles.

Best SEO Tips For Bloggers

Blog post SEO mistakes that result in no organic traffic:

Using Too Many <h1> <h2> Tags:

Don't Use Too Many h2,h3 Heading Tags In Blog Post. It Gives Good User Experience To Understand Your Articles. But It Adversly Affect Your Blog Post Seo. So Don't Use Too Many h2,h3 Tags.
Dont Use More Than 1 <h1> Tag In Post.
Don't Use More Than 10 <h2> Tags In Your Post.

h1 h2 heading tags seo blogger

Alt Tags In Images:

While Posting Articles In Blogger, Image Alt Tags Is Important To Search Engines Crawl Your Images. So, Add Img Alt Tags In Blog Post.
For example, you might be writing about SEO, but you use an image of a fish, and you keep the name of the image as “fish-catching.jpeg”. This is a very big mistake. The correct approach is to use meaningful image names. Prior to uploading the image, change the image name to something like “SEO mistakes.jpeg”, or whatever is appropriate to the topic of your post.

How To Add Alt Tags In Blogger

Long meta descriptions:

Meta descriptions help in improving the CTR of your article in SERP’s, and are also helpful to the general SEO optimization of your content.

With that said, your meta description should not exceed the 160 character limit.

A couple of years ago I would simply copy the first 2-3 lines of my article, and use that as a meta description. This was a big mistake which many of us make
Think of your meta description as a call to action.  It is best to write a unique meta description in less than 150-160 characters.

How To Meta Description Blogger Posts

No keywords in the content:

As I mentioned in one of my older articles, SEO is not dead – it’s now more competitive and detailed. Search engines rely on bots to understand and rank content. One of the most important factors is using keywords in your content, title, images and in a few other places.

If you have written an amazing article on SEO checklists, but you did not mention the target keyword in the article, you are not helping bots to understand your content.

If you are completely new to this, you can read my previously published guides on this particular topic

Blogger Post Keywords

Not linking out:

We all want our visitors to stay longer on our websites, but many new bloggers make the mistake of not linking out. For example, I have noticed that many people simply write, instead of adding the proper hyperlink which will take them to Linking out helps in many ways, including the following:

It gives a better user experience.

It improves the SEO score, as long as you link out to credible sources.

Above Mistakes Are Followed By Many Bloggers. So, Follow My above tips To get good organic traffic & Search engine traffics.

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