How To View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android Using ES File Explorer [Easy Guide]

There's no way you can get the WiFi passwords without gaining admin access as this information is stored in the system folder of the device. If you haven't Rooted your Device Yet Then Follow This Method To get to your saved WiFi passwords, you need Rooted Device & file explorer app that supports root users.

How To View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android Using ES File Explorer

I recommend you to use ES File Explorer Because it's easy & Free to Download. Follow the Given steps to View saved WiFi Password.


  • Rooted Android Device
  • ES File Explorer Or Root Explorer
  • Small Time

Steps to View Saved WiFi Password In Android:

  • Open ES File Explorer or Root Explorer.
  • If you use ES File Explorer, you need to enable the root explorer feature in the app. To do so, tap on the list icon on the top left corner, scroll down to Root Explorer under the drop down Tools and enable it. You should now get a root permission request via Superuser or SuperSU (depending what you have installed). Once you grant the request, you can use the app to access root folders.
  • From your phone's root folder, navigate to Data > misc > WiFi
View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android
  • Look for a file with the name wpa_supplicant.conf or wep_supplicant.conf . Since most networks use WPA encryption, you'll probably Find the password you're looking for in the wpa_supplicantfile
Save WiFi password
  • Selecting the file should open it up in the file explorer's own text editor. Now, you can simply scroll down the text file to search for the network you're looking for (next to "ssid") and find its password next to the term psk

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