Media.Net Is The One Of best adsense alternatives for bloggers. if you are banned from adsense or if your site not approved on adsense don’t worry. here is the best adsense alternative for all bloggers. 
How To Get Media.Net Approval

Media.Net Features:

  • Contextual advertisements perform better than any other types of ad.
  • powered by Yahoo and Bing. you can get high paying ads with
  • is targeted to small to large Bloggers & media houses who produce quality content. So even if you have a small blog with targeted and quality content, your chance of getting approval is high.
  • No Account Ban Issues Like Adsense.
Yahoo or Bing Media account never blocked like Google Adsense. working with different system. adsense pays per click for advertisements. but pays per pageviews.

How To Get Media.Net Approval :

Most are thinking that Google Adsense is hard and some are thinking that it’s hard, But I think it’s more hard from Adsense. it’s totally depend on search engine traffic. so write High quality posts and get better search ranking for getting easy approval.main Point is it depend on western country traffic like us and uk. improve your post quality and get better ranking in search engines and alexa.

Requirements To Get Media.Net Approval :

  • Top Level Domain : Media approve your sites with second level domain like blogspot and wordpress basic domain names like google adsense. expects top level domain like .com .net .org. you can buy top level domain on bigrock and godaddy for low price.
  • High Quality Articles : For Getting Better High paying Ads On Your site, you must write quality high quality articles. search engines and advertisers also expects quality articles. your post must contains useful info also useful for peoples. you must write good and fresh articles for getting approval in media.
  • Domain Age Requirements : Domain Name Must be second level domain like .com and .net. and it must be minimu 4 months older. many Bloggers says domain age must be 6 months older. but some of my friends getting approval with 4 months older domain names which getting good organic reach and high quality articles.
  • Traffic Requirements :  You Need Minimum 1000 Daily Visitors From Us and Uk. Media.Net Main Requirement Is 4000 Daily Traffic With Under 80-90K Alexa Rank.
  • Pages Requirements : Add all pages likeAbout Us, Contact Us And Sitemap. You Should Must Complete all required pages For getting approval. publisher approval team will verify your all pages.
Also Remove all Other Pop Under Ads while applying publisher account. I hope this article will helps you for how to get approval