10 interesting facts about facebook

Hi friends today we sharing anout the facebook interested facts which will given belows.

10 interesting facts about facebook is here;-

1. Face income of every third month quarter is 5.84 billion doller means 397616400000 INR

2.Face book is not the first website of Mark Jukerberg before this they have make a website name facemash. But this will not run properly

3. Facebook logo is in blue colour because mark jukerberg have suffering from Colour blindness. They only see the blue colour correctly

4.After four days of the launching of facebook their are only 650 user connects with facebook. But after 9 months of launching the user increase about to one million.At the launching time the name of the facebook is Thefacebook.com but after this they change to the facebook.com

5.Tech companies did not likes the hacker but the facebook welcomes the hacker to search the bug inside the facebook and the facebook gives the prize to hackers to fix the bug

6. If you want to work with facebook then you get good deal from facebook. Facebook gives freee meals,cafe,restorent. etc to their employes.

7. You can block anyone on facebook but you never block to mark zukerberg  on facebook

8. 4.5 billions are likes on Facebook daily

9. According to bloomberg  Mark Zukerberg is the 6th richest man of the world which have 48.4 billion doller means  3295435000000 INR.

10.December 2015 facebook have 1.04 million daily active users and mobile daily active user are 934 million.

11. near about 243055 photos are uploaded in every minute on facebook

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