Now Facebok starts video monetization

Hi friends today i came with a new feature of facebook which is going to be launch incoming days.
in this feature facebook will starting to pay by our uploaded video.yes friends Now Facebok starts video monetization service in this facebook will pay their user after uploading any this video facebook starts to put any advertisement between our uploaded video and after 20 second of video user will see an advertisement which will the source of user income. Acording to information source facebook may launch the facebook mid roll ad format feature.with this the video publisher get money due to the ads which will showing in these videos.

Important features Of video monetisation service:-

1. If the video is watched at least for 20 second then an advertisement is appear by facebook. with this advertisement the revenue will given to the publisher of the video who upload the video on the facebook.

2. The 55% share will be given to the publisher of the video like youtube 

facebook starts this features after they see that the viewer of videos are increasing .facebook already test this on their website they give chance to publisher to generate the revenue.last year facebook test this feature.but now they want to starts this feature.

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